Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bonner Wedding

Congratulations Eric and Alyson! My friends got married on May 22 and I got to make their cake for them. It's always fun to make cakes for friends and it's even better when the result is what they were hoping for! This picture is the final result.

Cakes are such a process, and while I love to try and document each step, I rarely remember until it's too late. So the picture below is the only one I captured and it's just the cake before the black fondant was added. Each tier was a different flavor. Starting from the top: French Almond with strawberry, Dreamsicle, Kahlua Fudge with Strawberry, and French Almond with Cherry. The little circles took a LOT longer than I thought they would but maybe that's just because I wanted it to be perfect and cut each circle to fit a specific spot. It was a great experience though and probably the first cake I was truly happy with in the end.

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Anonymous said...

That cake is awesome looking.