Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Cake since Beckett was born!

So about a month ago it was my friend Alyson's birthday. Her husband was throwing her a surprise party and came to me for the cake! I made their wedding cake almost a year ago so I was super stoked to be able to make another cake for them- this time it was strawberry with strawberry mousse filling. My only requirement for the decor was no girly colors and it had to feed 12-18 people.
I decided to do a 7" square because it's more modern and fun and I saw the decor style on a wedding cake on and I just changed the color scheme and added flowers. SO much fun! I love SweetandSaucy and get a lot of my inspiration from her- sometimes I think if she'd hire me, I'd move to CA in an instant... But i probably have a LOT more learning to do!

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